Rediscover and honor the innate power and wisdom of your body.

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Once upon a time, our bodies knew exactly what fuel it needed to sustain us. It knew when we were hungry and when we were full, and so we just ate. 


There were no rules, no good or bad foods. We just intuitively craved the nutrition we needed, and any food choice that made our body feel good was a beautiful one. 


Once upon a time, our bodies moved for the sake of movement, however that looked given our physical abilities. Movement was a source of joy, exhilaration, strength, endurance, community, and possibility. 


There was no exercising to manipulate our body size. No movement needed to earn more calories. Once upon a time, movement was not intended as a form of punishment for “bad” food choices. 


Somewhere along the way… diet culture disrupted our natural relationship with food. But thankfully, we can restore it.


In fact, rediscovering the intuitive knowledge and power of your body is not only possible, it’s one click away.

Intuitive Eating is your birthright. If diets didn’t exist, Intuitive Eating would simply be called eating. — My humble words, inspired by the incredible work of Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

The Embodied Method

You deserve a life full of love, laughter, connection, and play. And the world deserves to experience all of YOU… the you that will be freed to do more of whatever it is that you love when you’re not so preoccupied with unhelpful thoughts about food. 


It’s time for you to accept that you are not that voice in your head. The one that’s stressing about what’s allowed for dinner or bullying you for whatever delicious thing you just chose to eat. 


You are an artist. You’re an activist. A friend. You’re family. You’re a thinker. A truth-seeker. You are an absolutely incredible human being…


And yet, something is off. Yes, you experience so much abundance and alignment in your life. But for some reason, the struggles you have with food and with your body just won’t go away.


This is the ONE area where you feel so disconnected — from your values, from your desires, from your truth. 


The good news is, your body holds the powerful truth that you seek. 


In my signature program, the Embodied Method, you will take a profound 4-month journey and heal your relationship with food and your body


As you learn my spiritual framework for Intuitive Eating, you’ll rediscover the innate power and wisdom of your body… and you’ll learn to honor it, in all areas of your life, but most importantly for you right now… with food and movement. 


Before you know it, you’ll manifest a life of complete alignment, embodied by your values and your truth.

Your body is not your masterpiece. Your life is. It is suggested to us a million times a day that our BODIES are PROJECTS. They aren’t. Our lives are. Our spirituality is. Our relationships are. Our work is. Your body is not your art, it’s your paintbrush. —Glennon Doyle

Why a spiritual approach?

The work involved with unraveling years of conditioning in diet culture is deeply spiritual work. We need to get out of our heads and back into nature, and learning to show gratitude for our physical form is appreciation and admiration for nature. 

Diet culture has you living “shoulders up”… all in your mind. It has you stressing about meal plans and counting calories, points, or macros. Diet culture has you exercising to earn more food. 


Diet culture keeps you in your head and in the dark… with your innate wisdom and power hidden from you.


This is what you will learn to say goodbye to with the Embodied Method. In this program, I will help you drop into the territory below the shoulders… into your body. 


This experience of dropping into the body and using the body’s innate wisdom to govern how you eat and live is a homecoming of sorts. I say homecoming because really everyone was born in touch with their body and their cues but over time, diet culture eroded your ability to hear the cues. When you learn to drop into your body and live in alignment with your cues, you will have a visceral knowing that you are back home, back to living in your body instead of in your head. 


The spiritual approach to Intuitive Eating that you’ll learn in the Embodied Method will help you get back to that beautiful, peaceful, aligned state.


And this process of coming home to your body and experiencing the wealth of wisdom that your vessel has to offer is nothing short of magic.

Humbling Praise from Clients.


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