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Trigger warning for the following videos. Disordered eating behaviors, calories, weight, and other potentially triggering content is discussed.

Lauren’s relationship with food consisted of periods of being “good” and sticking to a plan, followed by periods of feeling out of control and binging. She spent years living with this sense of shame stemming from the belief that she could be doing more to achieve a certain body size/ health status. After over a decade living with diet mentality, Lauren reached a point where she was worn out from the stress that her relationship with food was causing her. Now, after completing The Embodied Method, Lauren’s relationship with food and body finally feels easy and peaceful. She keeps the foods around that she enjoys and no longer feels out of control. Binge eating is a thing of the past. She finds herself naturally craving nutrient dense foods. She’s started seeing herself as more than just a body. Listen as Lauren reflects on her inspiring journey to becoming an intuitive eater.

Starting with doing Weight Watchers as a young child, Taylor jumped from diet to diet, only to find nothing worked. She was experiencing frequent binges, thoughts about food and her body were interfering with her social life, and she felt so out of touch with her body’s cues. After learning the Intuitive Eating framework in The Embodied Method, Taylor has been able to gain a deep understanding of her body’s needs, profoundly transforming not only her relationship with food, but also the quality of her life.

Leah spent many years obsessing over her health. She thought that in order to be healthy, she had to eat only organic, non-processed foods. Even though she was doing all the “right things” by diet culture’s standards, she still didn’t feel good. After learning the Intuitive Eating framework in The Embodied Method, Leah has been able to redefine health and reclaim her time, money, and happiness. In this video Leah shares her inspiring journey from obsessive food thoughts to living a peaceful life of food freedom.

Michelle recovered from her eating disorder as far as the doctors were concerned…but she was still not where she wanted to be. Food was still taking up way too much space in her head, she still deemed certain foods “good” and others “bad,” and body image was still a constant struggle. Even though she was no longer “formally” engaging in her old eating disorder behaviors, she dealt with much residual food guilt and stress around food and her body. Michelle shares how she went from partially recovered “surviving” to fully recovered “thriving” in life after having an eating disorder.

Elsie thought it was normal to be constantly calculating calories in her head. She thought she would always live with the stress and guilt that came with being in the diet mindset. After learning the Intuitive Eating framework during her time in the Embodied Method, Elsie was able to finally break out of the binge/ restrict cycle. Listen as Elsie reflects on how her life has changed as a product of doing this work.

Sonia spent 9 years of her life deeply entrenched in diet culture. She tried everything from Keto, to Whole-30, to Paleo. She eventually came to realize that none of these diets or lifestyle plans ever led her to sustainable confidence or well-being.. These diets just made her feel more obsessive and out of control, robbing her of her time and energy. Listen as Sonia describes how her entire life has changed as a result of overcoming her deeply engrained food rules.

For Lizzie, food used to be something that she felt like she needed to strategize. There were so many rules. Carbs were the enemy. Sugar was to be limited. Exercise was used to earn food. Her relationship with food kept her from participating in social events. The stress of all her food rules ultimately resulted in debilitating stomach aches. In this video, Lizzie shares how she was able to go from feeling constant panic around food to feeling peaceful and in control around food. “I feel like a whole new person, it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” Lizzie shares. Listen as Lizzie reflects on her journey in the Embodied Method 1:1 Coaching Program.

Six months ago, I would have never thought I’d be where I am today.

Six months ago, I would have never thought I’d be where I am today; I genuinely feel lighter, happier, and more connected after doing this work. My perspective and opinion of myself have improved drastically and my life has just gotten better since being in this program.

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Erica H.

Embodied Method Alumni

Working with Leah gave me my life back.

Working with Leah gave me my life back. I cannot recommend working with Leah enough- her guidance through recovery has been incredibly inspiring and empowering.

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Michelle G.

Embodied Method Alumni

Leah showed me a beautiful light in this program and I am so grateful I took it.

I used to obsess over calories and “earning” my food and I’d weigh myself constantly. I didn’t realize how I wasn’t able to show up fully in life before doing this program. Now, I am able to be present with those I love, enjoy flavors, and pay attention to my food with my friends. I certainly find myself laughing much more. Leah showed me a beautiful light in this program and I am so grateful I took it.

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Tess N.

Embodied Method Alumni

Thanks to Leah’s consistent support, I achieved all my goals.

Thanks to Leah’s consistent support, I achieved all my goals and I even saw benefits in other areas of my life that I wasn’t expecting. Even my family has commented on the positive shifts they have seen in me since working with Leah.

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Leah R.

Embodied Method Alumni
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