By popular demand… this week we are joined by my boyfriend, Al! In this episode, we talk about:

  • Al’s story with his relationship with food and body
  • How Al explains intuitive eating in his own words
  • How his relationship with food has changed as a product of dating an intuitive eating RD
  • The aspects of intuitive eating and Health At Every Size that were most surprising to Al
  • His thoughts on my line of work and social media platforms
  • What he’s learned about himself as a product of being exposed to the anti diet world
  • How to “train” a partner who is unintentionally making harmful food and body comments
  • The impact of intuitive eating on  romantic relationships

Before diving into the interview with Al, we answer a listener question about two popular schools of thoughts on healing binge eating.


Listen to the episode here or anywhere you get your podcasts


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