If you want to be able to peacefully get stoned without ending up in a high binge, this episode was made for you. In our first every solo episode, I’m diving deep on all things cannabis and intuitive eating. In this episode I talk about:

  • My personal story: how my relationship with cannabis changed as I healed my relationship with food.
  • Top 3 reasons why high binges happen in the first place
  • Why you’re still binging when you’re stoned but not when you’re sober
  • How to handle the situation where your mouth wants to continue experiencing the food but your body says you’re full
  • Various detailed tips and tools for addressing the causes of high binging
  • The real sadness that can come up when you realize you’re full and how to navigate this sadness
  • Game changing questions/ prompts to ask yourself to get clear on your relationship with food in the context of using cannabis 
  • How to choose what to eat when stoned when everything sounds so good
  • Navigating social pressures to participate in “munchies” when you’re not actually hungry


Listen to the episode here or anywhere you get your podcasts


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