Before diving into this week’s guest interview, I introduce a NEW segment where I’ll be answering listener questions! I kick off this segment by answering a listener question about Intermittent Fasting.

This week we are joined by Tory Stroker, a fellow intuitive eating and Health At Every Size dietitian who is also a new mama! In this episode, we discuss:

  • How being a dancer for 20 years impacted Tory’s relationship with food and body
  • Tory’s story with recovering from disorder eating while also pursuing a career to become a dietitian 
  • Challenges that come up with intuitive eating while pregnant and Tory’s tips for navigating these challenges
  • How to handle the influx of body-centric comments during pregnancy
  • Navigating wellness culture and healthism in pregnancy and motherhood
  • The stigma society places on bottle feeding and the reality of choosing bottle feeding over breastfeeding

Listen to the episode here or anywhere you get your podcasts


Mentioned in the episode:

    • Click here for the NY Times article on Intermittent Fasting 
    • Click here for the study referenced on Intermittent Fasting 
    • Click here for the video Tory reference’s on intuitive bottle feeding 

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