In this episode, we are joined by a fellow HAES, intuitive eating dietitian, Aaron Flores. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Aaron’s story with his relationship with food and body
  • How Aaron came to accept the Intuitive Eating and HAES frameworks
  • Aaron’s experience being a dietitian who self-identifies as fat
  • Balancing not framing recovery around body size while also acknowledging how hard it is to live in a weight-bias culture 
  • What Aaron learned from interviewing 20 men about their relationship with food and body on his podcast, Men Unscripted. 
  • How Masculinity creates an extra layer to body image work
  • The concept of “bro science” and Aaron’s thoughts on why men are drawn to things like bio hacking and optimization 
  • Why recovery is worth it even when it is fucking hard

Listen to the episode here or anywhere you listen to podcasts

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