For the next few month’s, Kenzy will be interning at Leah Kern Nutrition to gain experience in the private practice world and to learn more about being an Intuitive Eating Dietitian. This internship is part of her undergraduate practicum requirements for her dietetic program at The University of Vermont.

Over the next few weeks, Kenzy will be guest writing some blogposts… we have some awesome content planned for you so make sure to keep your eye out on the blog!

I want to formally introduce Kenzy so you get to learn more about the person behind these guest blog posts we have in store for you.

Name, Where You’re From, Where You’re Currently At School?

My name is Kenzy, I’m from Falmouth, Massachusetts, and I am a Junior Dietetics Major at the University of Vermont!

What Inspired You to Want to Pursue A Career Path As A Dietitian? 

I was originally inspired to pursue a career as a dietitian when I was vegan in high school and had to educate myself on how to get all the essential vitamins and minerals from alternative sources. Since I was the only person in my family that ate differently, I found that it was important to know how to properly nourish myself eating differently than how I was used to.


How Did You Get Into Intuitive Eating?

While I had heard “intuitive eating” as a buzzword around social media for a few years, I didn’t actually get into intuitive eating or understand the concept until I took Dr. Lizzy Pope’s Fundamentals of Nutrition class my first semester of college Freshman Year.

What Do You See Yourself Doing In Your Future As An RD?

I see myself working one-on-one with clients, helping them learn how to live a balanced life without restrictions, break away from generational diet trauma, and be at peace with themselves.

What Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Free Time?

In my free time, I enjoy going to different cafes in Burlington and spend a few hours there working on whatever creative writing project I am working on at the time, accompanied by a warm drink. My favorite form of creative writing to work on is comedic screenwriting.

Favorite Place in Nature and Why?

My favorite place in nature is the part of the Winooski River that runs through Richmond, VT. I discovered it this past summer and instantly fell in love as it felt very serene and like I had the entire river to myself, despite lots of other people being there. I enjoyed swimming a lot as a kid, and felt that it was a place that connected me back to that time.

Something That Makes Your Heart Happy?

My heart feels happy whenever I call my grandma to check in on her, or when I get to spend time with friends I don’t see very often.

Your Favorite Part About Becoming An Intuitive Eater?

While I don’t consider myself to fully be an intuitive eater as that switch cannot be made overnight, I do enjoy being able to eat something enjoyable that I wanted and move on, rather than opt for the “healthiest” option and not enjoy it as much. I also enjoy knowing that food has more meanings than just pure sustenance, as it is something that can bring people together. My favorite childhood memories are baking with my aunts and grandma, focusing on the process and quality time, as I enjoy associating memories with a food rather than the pure nutritional value.


Did you hear the news? We launched a podcast here at Leah Kern Nutrition! Shoulders Down Podcast is a podcast designed to teach you how to harness your intuition to govern not just how you eat but also how you live. New episodes get released every Tuesday!  Click here to listen to our latest episode, “From Her Own Recovery to Supporting Clients with Pam Skop.” 

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