For the next few month’s, Laura will be interning at Leah Kern Nutrition to gain experience in the private practice world and to learn more about being an Intuitive Eating Dietitian. 

During her time at LKN, Laura will be guest writing some blogposts and helping with other behind the scenes tasks.

We’re so excited to have you, Laura!

With out further ado, meet Laura.

Name, where you’re from, and where you’re currently going to school

My name is Laura Colamarino, I am from Schenectady New York and I am currently a sophomore dietetics major at the University of Vermont!

What inspired you to want to pursue a career path as a dietitian?

I have always been a huge foodie, but I became very interested in how the things that you eat have a huge impact on not only your physical health, but also your mental health. I would love to coach people toward a mindset that moves away from diet culture and promotes connecting and listening to your body.

How did you get interested in intuitive eating and HAES?

In highschool I struggled with disordered eating. I ended up seeing various posts about intuitive eating on social media. After looking into it more I found this to be a very useful approach to healing from these habits and gaining food freedom! I have also taken some classes at the University of Vermont that promote intuitive eating, which have helped me develop a better understanding on the topic.

What do you see yourself doing in your future career as an RD?

I’ve thought about many different career paths for my future as an RD, but I love the idea of starting my own private practice like Leah! I’m also looking to do something holistic with my degree, so having the ability to explore multiple areas of interest within wellness and nutrition would be amazing. Coaching others to find peace within themselves and their bodies is my ultimate goal!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Writing is one of my favorite things to do, and in my free time I write a lot of poetry. Along with this, I love listening to music, reading and any activities related to art!

What are some things that make your heart happy?

My cat Spotty makes my heart very happy. It’s hard being away from her while I’m at college, but I always look forward to seeing her when I go home!

Your favorite part about the anti-diet/ intuitive eating approach to nutrition?

My favorite part about the anti-diet approach to nutrition is finding true freedom within yourself to enjoy food instead of obsessing over fads and losing weight. Intuitive eating promotes listening to your body, which helps you to connect with yourself, develop healthy habits and focus on overall wellness!

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