Before diving into this week’s guest interview, I answer a listener question on why you’re still binging even after you’ve allowed all foods. I address the top 3 reasons why binges happen, how to actually stop when you notice fullness, and I also share my own experience healing from binge eating.  Do you have a question you’d like to hear answered on the show? Submit your question(s) here for chance to have it answered on an upcoming podcast episode!

This week we are joined by Megan Lublyi, a fellow Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, weight inclusive and HAES-aligned registered dietitian. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Megan story with recovering from an eating disorder and struggling to get treatment due to weight biases in the medical community
  • Skepticism and cognitive dissonance with Intuitive Eating  and Health At Every Size (HAES) and the Semmelweis reflex
  •  HAES and social determinants of health 
  • Downstream effects of weight stigma in healthcare
  • Megan’s journey with being a yoga teacher and why she ultimately decided to stop teaching
  • Why Megan loves slow living and “taking her damn time”
  • Intuitive living: using the body’s feedback to inform decision making 
  • Why emotional eating isn’t bad
  • How the recent Roe v. Wade draft leak threatens body autonomy and how that relates to healing your relationship with food and body 


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