This week I’m the one being interviewed on the pod! This episode originally aired on my friend and colleague, Molly Seifert’s podcast, What She Gained. I loved our convo so much that I wanted to share it with you here on Shoulders Down. In this episode we talk about

  • My story with developing a disordered relationship with food and body
  • How I knew my relationship with food felt out of alignment
  • What I gained in life as a result of healing my relationship with food
  • How intuitive eating has led to intuitive living in my personal lifw
  • Client stories of how learning intuitive eating has led to intuitive living

Before diving into the interview with Lindsay, we answer a listener question about supplements! Are they really necessary? Do they just make for expensive pee? Do we really need them to fill in the gaps? 

Listen to the episode here or anywhere you get your podcasts



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